Serphの新作EP『Astral Pancake』を配信限定で8/7にリリース!

「星間コミュニケーション」をテーマとしたSerphの新作EP『Astral Pancake』を、8/7に配信限定でリリースします。




本EPより6曲目「Lilium (happy end mix)」をYouTubeにて先行公開!

[New Release] 2020.08.07 out

On August 7, Serph will release his new EP Astral Pancake under the theme of “interstellar communication”.

Recorded are a total of six tracks full of variety, from refreshing drum’n’bass to folktronica, extremely pop dubstep to collages with brilliant edits. All of them are energetic tracks which will brighten up your summer.

The image of this cosmic symphony comes from a spaceship that passes through time and space. It will guide the listeners to a sweet, yet painful astral world.

After the scheduled release date, a link to the distribution store will be displayed here.

“Lilium (happy end mix)”, the last track of this EP, has been just shared on YouTube. Check it out.