『Citrus』ボーカル公募企画の優秀作品をまとめたコラボEP『Singing Fruits』リリース決定!


先日ボーカリスト公募で実施した、Serphのシングル『Citrus』のボーカルバージョン制作プロジェクト「Singing Fruits」。その応募作の中からSerphが優秀作品に選んだ3作を、ひとつのEPにまとめて公式リリースします。


Serph – Singing Fruits

1. Citrus (feat. ずん)
2. Citrus (feat. lasah)
3. Citrus (feat. akari)





“Singing Fruits”, a project launched to create a vocal version of “Citrus” with an open call for vocalists. Three excellent works selected by Serph from amongst the submissions have been put together and released officially as an EP.

Zun, lasah and akari – three singers who stand in the illusional landscape created by Serph. In addition to vocals, the singers also put lyrics to each of their works. Three vibrant stories, voices and wishes dancing inside the colorful and sentimental scenery colored by subtle, electronic sound. Miraculous, front line pop-electronica songs that brings out 120% of Serph’s power as a landscapist.

Serph – Singing Fruits

1. Citrus (feat. Zun)
2. Citrus (feat. lasah)
3. Citrus (feat. akari)

After the scheduled release date, a link to the distribution store will be displayed here.





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